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Restart of production at Petrokemija

After the Yildirim Group took over the management of Petrokemia on May 2, 2023, despite the volatility of natural gas prices and difficult conditions on the mineral fertilizer market, and basing its decision on a detailed assessment and appreciating the positive impact it would have on employees and the community, the Management Board made a decision to start production.

After more than 15 months of downtime due to high gas prices and unfavorable market influences, all production facilities of the mineral fertilizers factory Petrokemija d.d. restarted operation.

From the beginning of July, the energy plants started working, and after that, the ammonia production plant started preparing for production. Ammonia production successfully started this weekend.

Plants for the production of final products Urea, CAN and AS fertilizers will also gradually start operating by the end of the month.

We are happy to restart the production and are optimistically preparing for the deliveries of our own fertilizers in time for autumn sowing.

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