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Fire drill in Petrokemija

In Petrokemija d.d. on May 12, 2023, a fire drill was held with the emergency services at the Nitric acid 2 and AN/KAN 2 plant.

The goal of this exercise is the training of process workers, the on-call Intelligence Information Center, external participants, and professional and volunteer firefighters so that they can intervene in a timely manner in case of need. The correctness of stable fire alarm and extinguishing systems will also be checked, as well as the correctness and correct use of protective equipment and means.

As in previous years, in addition to the workers from the Nitric acid 2 and AN/KAN 2 plants, OIC duty officers, the Professional Fire Department of Petrokemija, the Industrial Voluntary Fire Department of Petrokemija Kutina and the Public Fire Department of Kutina, the Voluntary Fire Department of Kutina Grad, Kutina participated in the exercise. Selo, Repušnica, Husain, Civil Protection, Ministry of Internal Affairs - Kutina Police and Kutina Emergency Services.

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