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Yildirim took over management of Petrokemija

YILDIRIM Group is pleased to announce the share purchase of Petrokemija has been completed on April 28, 2023. YILDIRIM Group now holds 54.52% of the shares in Petrokemija, and is the sole operating and managing company of Petrokemija.


As you know, YILDIRIM Group is one of the fastest-growing Dutch-Turkish industrial conglomerates, established and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As of today, YILDIRIM Group is active in 9 different sectors, with a presence in 56 countries on 5 continents, employing more than 25,000 people. YILDIRIM Group’s main business sectors are port management, metals & mining, fertilizers & chemicals, shipping & logistics, energy & power and energy commodities. The Group also owns 24% shares of CMA CGM Group, the world’s 3rd biggest shipping & logistics company. YILDIRIM Group is wholly owned by the brothers Ali Riza YILDIRIM and Robert Yuksel YILDIRIM. We have achieved sustainable organic and inorganic growth through numerous mergers and acquisitions activities in the last 20 years, focusing on investments and privatizations across the world.

As YILFERT Holding, YILDIRIM Group’s fertilizer branch, we have a keen business plan to expand and grow our fertilizer business globally. We aim to rank among the top 5 fertilizer companies in Europe. This is why we are more than excited to be operating and managing Petrokemija and build a unique fertilizer production company of Europe.

Petrokemija has proven to have great talent, great resources, and determination. These are solid foundations that YILDIRIM will build Petrokemija’s future success on. We will unlock our full potential not only in Croatia, but also globally, with the cooperation of production plants in Belgium and the Netherlands of Rosier, another recent acquisition of YILFERT Holding.

As the parent company, YILFERT Holding commits to building on what Petrokemija has already achieved so far, and embracing the current workforce as part of the company. Beginning from the day we took over operations, we will improve our strategies, expand operations, boost productivity and efficiency, strengthen our partnerships, build and improve new relationships, and make Petrokemjia one of the best fertilizer companies in Europe. We will commit to continuing operations, and we are looking forward to meeting and working with the highly skilled Petrokemija family.

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