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Implementation of integral business information system

Petrokemija Plc is starting with the implementation of a new integral business information system that will encompass all business units of the Company. The system will be implemented throughout 2021 and 2022, as one of the key investments and a prerequisite for the main investment process in production. The implementation of the business information system will provide a new reporting model, enable a more detailed cost tracking and the automation and enhancement of business processes, both organisationally and technically, particularly in the segment of production and logistics.

The implementation of an integral business information system and the application of best business practices will ensure the reaching of set goals, growth and future operation of the Company, thus creating a foundation for joining the digital business transformation processes and becoming part of Industry 4.0.

Petrokemija is developing the integral business information system in collaboration with Microlab d.o.o., which additionally strengthens the cooperation of domestic companies in the development of Croatian economy. The total investment in the implementation of the integral business information system is worth HRK 20 million.


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