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The beginning of overhaul

In late December, Petrokemija Plc will begin the overhaul of its production plants Ammonia, UREA, Water Processing, Power Plant, DEE, PEPI, KAN 1, AN/KAN 2 and NPK 1. Removal and installation of the liquid sulphur tank is planned to be carried out at the Sulphuric Acid plant.

The largest investment of the overhaul will be the manufacture and installation of a new combustion air preheater of the primary reformer at the Ammonia plant, worth around HRK 22 million. The total cost of overhaul is valued at HRK 90 million, which will also include investments aimed at developments that will improve the factory's energy efficiency.

The overhaul will start with the suspension of production at the UREA plant on 24 December 2020 and end on 9 February 2021, when the plant will resume production.

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