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2019 considered one of Petrokemija's best years

Last year, the company generated a net profit of HRK 154 million, compared to the HRK 471 million loss generated in 2018. Sales revenue rose by 17%, mostly due to considerably higher sales on the domestic and regional market. EBITDA excluding one-time items rose to HRK 348 million as a result of increased production, higher volume of sales on more profitable markets and lower price of natural gas on the European market.

“In 2019, Petrokemija PLC recorded some of the best business results in its history. We have demonstrated the ability to become a sales-oriented company and take advantage of low natural gas prices on the European market. Although our financial position has improved significantly, we will still need to put in considerable efforts to remain constantly ready to make quick adjustments and successfully operate in an uncertain and volatile environment,” said Davor Žmegač, the President of the Management Board of Petrokemija PLC.

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