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Successful recapitalization, new management and supervisory boards

Petrokemija Plc. has successfully executed recapitalization through subscription and deposit of 45,000,000 new shares of the company, thus fulfilling the condition that the issuance of new shares is considered successfully conducted. The company’s Supervisory Board has consensually agreed on the termination of mandate for president of the Management Board Davor Žmegac, MSc, as well as Krešimir, Rendeli, Goran Pleše and Peter Suba, respective members of the management board. With the aim of enabling new shareholders to participate actively in the process of selecting a new management structure of the Company, members of the Supervisory Board Mijo Šepak, Robert Blažinović and Ladislav Turčinović have filed their respective resignations to membership in the Supervisory Board.

The General Assembly of Petrokemija Plc. has adopted the Decision on amendments and modifications to the Decision on the increase of the Company’s share capital by monetary deposits with the exclusion of pre-emptive right of shareholders and amendments to the Company Statute as of July 9, 2018. Furthermore, the Decision on the selection of new members of the Supervisory Board has also been adopted, with the following becoming newly selected members: Sandor Fasimon, Sabina Škrtić, Gabor Horvath, Mijo Šepak, Pavao Vujnovac and Tomislav Pokaz.

After that, the Supervisory Board of Petrokemija Plc. held its constituent session, unanimously reaching the decision on the selection of Sandor Fasimon to the position of president and Sabina Škrtić to the position of vice president of the Company’s Supervisory Board. 

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