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Agreement between Petrokemija and Agrivi

An agreement with Agrivi d.o.o. on co-operation in building a digital platform for the needs of Petrokemija in field testing and product application processes was signed in the Company yesterday. "By doing so, Petrokemija will catch up with new modern technologies and make a grand entrance into the 21st century. Without modern technology, but also without mineral fertilizers, there will be no agricultural production and food," said Đuro Popijač, President of the Board.

Member of the Board, Davor Žmegač added that Petrokemija has made a significant move forward towards the digital transformation of the Company. "Collaboration with Agrivi will be long-term. We will take their software solutions and knowledge and give them to our end users," said Žmegač. After signing the agreement, the Director of Agrivi, Matija Žulj pointed out that their goal is for Petrokemija to gain advantage and be step ahead of the competition. "Our role is to be a mediator that will quickly transfer the knowledge that Petrokemija has to farmers, which will help them increase their yields and improve their production," he concluded.

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