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Fertilizing vegetables after winter

All those who planted or sowed crops such as lettuce, lambs lettuce, onions and garlic outdoors in the gardens during the autumn-winter period, must be aware that after abundant autumn or winter precipitation, most of the nitrogen from the root zone has been rinsed out, so even on a well-supplied soil, they need to be fed. It is advisable to apply nitric fertilizer CAN or ASN containing nitrogen in a nitrate, easily accessible form that the plant can easily uptake. Fresh quantities of nitrogen early in the spring will stimulate vegetative growth of the plant after the winter, but one must not over fertilize with nitrogen because nitrate buildup may occur in the leaves, which is undesirable from the nutritive point of view. One should apply about 1 - 1.5 kg of CAN or ASN to 100 m2 in the feed. For small areas, a small 3-kg CAN package – Florin 6, can be used.

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