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As part of the Soil and Fertilizer Analysis Module, our company was visited by the students of the Faculty of Agriculture Osijek, under the guidance of the professors Brigita Popović and Vladimir Ivezić.

"This visit helped me to understand the theory much better now," said student David Šimić and added:  "We've seen lots of things including laboratories which, for me, were the most interesting along with fertilizer methods”.

Students were led by Visnja Mikoč, fertilizer expert, and Petar Borić, a senior safety expert who provided them basic information on the production of mineral fertilizers. They also visited Urea warehouse and our labs.

Prof. Popovic emphasized that it is of great importance that students have the opportunity to see this factory and its processes and that this visit will surely help them teach. Professors and students of the Poljoprivredni fakultet Osijek, as well as other faculties, are always welcome at Petrokemija and we are happy to help them gain knowledge.

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