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Petrokemija d.d. was established by the decision of the Executive Board of the Chemical Industry Zagreb of 1 July 1959, number 957/1959, as a Nitrogen Fertilizer Factory under Construction, Kutina.


In 1964, the founding rights and obligations were transferred to Kutina Municipality Assembly and on 8 July 1965, to INA - Oil Industry Zagreb (INA - Nitrogen Fertilizer Factory under Construction). A few days later, on 25 July of the same year, the construction officially started.


The new factory started work in early 1968, and the first quantities of Urea, the first mineral fertilizer produced in Kutina, were obtained on March 18, 1968 in the early morning hours.


At the beginning of 1968, there were two INA plants operating in Kutina: Chemical Products Factory (known as Metan) and Nitrogen Fertilizer Factory. The two plants merged into one company called INA-Petrokemija Factory on June 1, 1968. This date was established as the Day of INA - Petrokemija, and the first ceremony was held in 1976.


With total annual production of 657,850 tons, in 1972, INA – Petrokemija became the largest manufacturer of mineral fertilizers in Yugoslavia.


The contract for the construction of Phase 2 of Mineral Fertilizer Factory in Kutina was signed in the summer of 1977, and the foundation stone was laid on June 1, 1978. In the next few years, Kutina was a major construction site, and the first new plant, AN / CAN, started operation on October 28, 1982.


By November 9, 1983, the entire Phase 2 complex was in operation, and the opening ceremony was held on November 27, 1984.


The total fertilizer production capacity amounted to 1,256,000 tons, which at the time accounted for 42 percent of the total Yugoslav capacity. At the beginning of 1985, the factory had 4416 employees, most in its history.


Together with Petrokemija, the city of Kutina developed, gaining the status of a regional economic center. The Company's employees had a significant role in the Homeland War – one out of four employees was a Croatian soldier defending their country. The factory was rocketed several times during the war, fortunately without any serious consequences.


On 1 March 1991, INA - Petrokemija, a joint stock company for manufacturing and marketing of carbon black, bentonite clay and mineral fertilizers, was registered in the Court Register.


Since 18 December1996, the Company operated as Petrokemija d.o.o., and on 24 June 1998, it changed its name to Petrokemija d.d. due to the transformation into to a joint stock company.


In its 50 years of existence in Kutina, Petrokemija has produced and sold more than 50 million tons of mineral fertilizers worldwide.