Environmental protection
  • Based on the principles of sustainable development, we constantly improve the environmental management system by implementation of adopted programs with the aim of preventing and reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emission.

  • We are focused on the rational use of energy and natural resources – Quality, Environment and Sustainable Development Policy.

  • By providing consulting services on the proper use of our products, we promote sustainable agriculture thus contributing to environmental protection.

  • We are responsible in management of our Company's impact on the environment by systematic measurement and tracking (http://zrak.mzoip.hr). 

  • We are open to communication with the local community by constantly informing the public about the Company's impact on the environment and building a relationship of mutual trust.

  • We train the employees and encourage other stakeholders to understand and implement our commitment to the environment based on the application of the internationally recognized ISO 14001 certification.

  • We have developed a strategy of investing in environmental protection by 2017.