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Notification of Changes in the Court Register

In accordance with the provisions of the Capital Market Act, the Companies Act and the Rules of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, we announce that the Zagreb Commercial Court, pursuant to the Decision of the Court under business number Tt-17 / 39155-2 of 18 October 2017, entered into its Court Register the decision on simplified reduction of share capital and change of the provisions of the Articles of Association of Petrokemija d.d. Fertilizer Company, based in Kutina, Aleja Vukovar 4, in a register insert with company number (MBS) 080004355, ID (OIB) 24503685008.

By the decision of the General Meeting of 11 October 2017, in order to cover the losses from the previous period and to lower the value for the purpose of remedying the company, the Company share capital was reduced from HRK 386,135,400.00 by the amount of HRK 343,231,470.00 to the amount of HRK 42,903,930.00.

Due to the reduction of the share capital and the reduction of the nominal amount of the share from HRK 30.00 to HRK 3.333, merging of three shares of HRK 3.333 nominal value was executed for the purpose of rounding up the nominal share value to the amount of HRK 10.00, so the individual nominal share value after the reduction of share capital is HRK 10.00.

In accordance with the decision of the General Meeting of 11 October 2017, the Management Board of the Company is obliged to conduct the reduction of the share capital.

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