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Implementation of the Energy Efficiency Project

In accordance with the Contract  on implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects - Modernization of the Electric Motor Drive Systems at Water - 2 Plant, Energy Plant and Pakra Pump Station and a Part of External Lighting System - signed between Petrokemija d.d. and HEP ESCO d.o.o., all these projects have been successfully implemented as planned. The whole process, involving the modernization of the systems, from the feasibility study through main projects to the installation of equipment and commissioning was carried out by the own know-how of experts of Petrokemija d.d. and HEP ESCO-d.o.o. 

This investment in energy efficiency measures achieves savings in electricity consumption of about 3.4 GWh per year, with a two-year investment return period.

In addition to the modernization of electric motor drives and lighting, a remote sensing of energy products has been introduced and ESCO Monitor® has been installed to support the introduction of energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 standard. ESCO Monitor® is a computerized business management system that provides insight into consumption, analysis and planning of consumption, monitoring and control, and early detection and alarm in case of changes in energy consumption.

By realization of energy efficiency projects, Petrokemija d.d. proves the traceability of the basic principles in accordance with the successfully introduced ISO 50001 energy management system and will thus continue to implement all other planned investments to further reduce energy consumption.

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