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Decision of Commercial Court

In line with the provisions of the Capital Market Act, the Companies Act and the Rules of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, this is to inform you that the Commercial Court in Zagreb, pursuant to the Decision of the Court No Tt-17/35177-2  published the entry of the change of the scope of business – activity, of the provision of Articles of Association and share capital increase of PETROKEMIJA AGRO TRADE d.o.o., limited liability company for trade and services, based in Kutina, Aleja Vukovar 4, into registry insert with company number 080985686 and ID number (OIB) 09211081279. By increasing the amount of the existing share contribution of the sole member and founder, Petrokemija d.d. Fertilizer Company, the share capital of  PETROKEMIJA AGRO TRADE is increased from HRK 20,000.00 by HRK 5,245,600.00 to the amount of HRK 5,265,600.00. The founder of the company, Petrokemija d.d., has increased the share capital by investing assets in accordance with the Real Property Value Assessment - in kind, the land of phosphogypsum landfill and the land of process water neutralization pond with associated equipment.

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