Mission, Vision, Objectives

Petrokemija d.d. goal is the complete satisfaction of customers achieved by the high quality of products and services with the least possible adverse environmental impact.

Petrokemija Plc. is committed to creating values for agricultural producers and all stakeholders in the chain of production, distribution and use of mineral fertilizers. We use all available resources efficiently and responsibly, constantly reducing our environmental impact and ensuring a healthy, safe and stimulating environment for our employees and the whole community. We actively explore new technologies and business models enabling us to follow current trends in long-term business sustainability.

Creating quality mineral fertilizers that will contribute to ensuring a sustainable future for the community.

  1. Complete customer satisfaction resulting from high-quality products and services
  2. Modernisation aimed at improving safe production, increasing the efficiency of business processes, and creating a more humane working environment for our employees
  3. Environmental protection in compliance with the Croatian and EU standards
  4. Encouraging workers to be creative and committed to accomplishing the Company’s business goals
  5. Increasing the shareholders’ asset value