The overall goal of Petrokemija d.d. improve the efficiency of the environmental management system to achieve more effective environmental protection and environmental pollution prevention.


The Quality Policy, Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development set the framework and main guidelines for strategic action in quality and environmental management.

Disposal of packaging

Dear customers and / or users of Petrokemija d.d. fertilizer, we inform you that you can arrange free disposal or handing over non-hazardous waste packaging, ie fertilizer bags with an authorized company:



Tel. 031 / 250-407

from 8:00 to 16:00

Mob. 091 / 2032-310

It is also possible to dispose the waste bags from the fertilizer into the existing waste plastic containers of the listed company or arrange for the disposal of the dedicated containers for that purpose.

Packaging contaminated with ammonium nitrate N 34.8% and N 33.5% is disposed of via hazardous waste disposal companies with key number 150110 * in agreement with Petrokemija d.d