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Customer Opinions

  • Mato Brlošić - Đakovo

    The stability of agricultural production in Croatia relies on Petrokemija. This needs to be said clearly and publicly because as long as we have such a factory in our country, we are guaranteed access to high-quality, relatively inexpensive fertilizer whenever we need it.

  • Valent Miklobušec - Bjelovar

    I use only Petrokemija's mineral fertilizers in my crop production. I'm familiar with these fertilizers and I'm satisfied with their quality.

  • Jože Jurečič - Cerkje ob Krki, Slovenia

    Along with your standard fertilizers, last year I used Petrokemijas in topdressing wheat and I am very pleased with achieved. I also bought it for this vegetation season.

  • Marjan Vrhovec - Velika Loka, Slovenia

    I only use Petrokemija's fertilizers for the fertilization of my plants. You have a large selection of mineral fertilizers and I am very pleased with their granulation.

  • Marjan Zel - Rošnja, Slovenia

    I have been using your fertilizers since 1980. I am very satisfied with your packaging, especially with big bags.

  • Branko Klemenčić - Nova Vas pri Ptuju, Slovenia

    I have been using your fertilizers since 1982 and I am extremely satisfied with the nitrogen sulfur fertilizers because of their prolonged action.

  • Tomislav Dolenčić - Širinec

    For generations, my family engaged in agriculture, mainly by cultivating all the major agricultural cultures. Since I remember, we were using Petrokemija’s fertilizers for all phases of plant growth and development, from NPK fertilizers to Urea and KAN and I've always been pleased with their quality.

  • Željko Grgurević - Family Farm Grgurević

    For the initial fertilization of my vineyard I use Petrokemija's mineral fertilizer and I am very satisfied with excellent results. The yields are much higher, the stems are healthier and the sugars are increased. Also, your professional advices are very useful.

  • Jozo Budisavljević - Sibinj

    I express my satisfaction with all Petrokemija’s products. By using your mineral fertilizers in my cherry orchard, I have got higher yields and better product quality. The expertise and knowledge of your employees were of particular importance. We have successfully collaborated on several demo experiments. I hope we will continue working together.

  • Mirko Golubić - Cooperative Manager

    Štefanje PZ supplies farmers with production materials and also with mineral fertilizers. In the offer of mineral fertilizers on the market, farmers prefer to choose mineral fertilizers of Petrokemija d.d. We are satisfied with quality and assortment, and for the past year also with the price of mineral fertilizers.

  • Anto Marušić - Cooperative Manager

    Agricultural Cooperative Velika Pisanica uses mineral fertilizers of Petrokemija d.d. from its very beginning. We mainly use mineral fertilizers in production on our own land, and a smaller part in co-operation. The range and quality of mineral fertilizers meets the requirements of our production.

  • Bublić-commerce - d.o.o.

    Bublić-commerce d.o.o. as a longtime mineral fertilizer customer of Petrokemija d.d. is satisfied with the quality and price. The cooperation between these two companies dates back to 1995.